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  • Irene & Alex

The 1000 Steps: A Very Special Snorkel Site On Bonaire

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

One of the most beautiful places to snorkel on Bonaire is the 1000 steps. Do you really need to go down a thousand steps to reach this place? No, it’s actually just a short walk down (with a few steps)…. But the view is worth a thousand words!

Just a little drive outside Kralendijk with bring you to this secluded location. The drive to this amazing snorkeling spot is part of the experience. The view is breathtaking as you follow a narrow road along the ocean.

The road is higher than the ocean, so you look down onto the crystal-clear blue water reflecting the rays of the sun. When you arrive to the location you can feel the excitement build up. Perched on top of a hill you start to go down the beautifully carved limestone stairs and from there you can see the line of where the coral begins. This gives you a general idea of where to start your snorkeling expedition.

Once you arrive at the bottom of the stairs you can make your way in the ocean. Make sure to have water shoes (or flippers) to protect your feet. From there you can slowly swim about 15 meters to where the stag horn coral begins.

Make sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles and other type of marine life. As you keep going you will notice other types of coral, like elk horn and maybe some fellow divers a little deeper.

After your snorkel expedition you can relax under one of the many bushes that provide shade. It’s worthwhile to stay for the sunset.

See you on the beach!

Irene & Alex